2009-03-08 17:22:00 UTC

Rubyology 77: Ruby In The Enterprise, Part 2

Posted by @ChrisMatthieu

Interview with University of Phoenix Senior Software Engineer Aaron K. Hawkins. Enhanced AAC Version

2009-03-07 16:36:00 UTC

Rubyology 76: Roundtable 3

Posted by @ChrisMatthieu

Sinatra webapps and Ruby micro-frameworks. Ruby conference recommendations. Safari 4 Beta, HTML 5 and CSS 3. Participants: Marc Chung, Ben Smith, remi Taylor, Saul Mora, and Preston Lee. (OpenRain Ruby Ninjas) Enhanced AAC Version Google Group

2009-02-27 18:21:00 UTC

Rubyology 75: Ruby In The Enterprise, Part 1

Posted by @ChrisMatthieu

The first in a new series of "enterprise" Ruby developer interviews. Host: Preston Lee, OpenRain Software Guest: Scott Barber, iMemories Guest: Tomasz Stechly, "Large International Bank" Production: 2009. Release: 2009. Runtime: 21:50.