2007-05-03 19:21:00 UTC

ScreenCast 11: Threading

Posted by @ChrisMatthieu

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Did you know that Ruby supports multi-threading natively? Check out these quick couple of steps needed to thread your Ruby applications!

2007-04-29 20:46:00 UTC

Rubyology 9: Hobo

Posted by @ChrisMatthieu

Today's Rubyology podcast covers a powerful, up and coming new development framework called Hobo. This new plugin can be found at HoboCentral.net. It sits on top of the Rails framework and includes user role management and AJAX and slick stylesheets built-in allowing you to create a full-featured web application in minutes - no joke!

2007-04-21 10:51:00 UTC

Rubyology 8: Camping

Posted by @ChrisMatthieu

Today we cover Why The Lucky Stiff's Camping framework for Ruby. This is the tiny little framework (4KB size) that could. This amazing little application supports databases and allows you to quickly build small web-based applications with a 1 file distro.