2011-08-11 23:38:36 UTC

Rubyology 98: Jessie Shternshus (Madison RubyConf)

Posted by @ChrisMatthieu

Chris Matthieu sat down with Jessie Shternshus to chat about her upcoming involvement at the Madison Ruby Conference, 8/18/2011 - 8/20/2011.

As founder and owner of The IMPROV EFFECT, Jessie weds her lifelong passion for, and expertise in, improvisational acting with the fast paced demands of the corporate world. In her classes and workshops she helps people become better listeners, team players, leaders, and communicators. Her physically engaging and playful workshops are relevant to all fields of life; participants of her workshops vary from college professors to engineers and from web developers to lawyers.

Jessie will be helping the conference get started on the right foot with a social flare and will be giving tips throughout the conference on how to give an awesome Lightning Talk!

"I will give you some tips on how to do a Kick Ass Lightning round talk by using the theories of improvisation. You will get a chance to practice your new skills and hear some feedback. Learn how to get your point across in a clear and confident way. Understand how to make your message stick. Be aware of the signals you are sending to your audience."

2011-08-10 18:17:01 UTC

Rubyology: 97 Jim Freeze and John Dyer (Lonestar Rubyconf V)

Posted by @ChrisMatthieu

Chris Matthieu sat down with Jim Freeze, the LSRC organizer, and John Dyer, one of Tropo's System Engineers and Developer Evangelists.

Get ready for an awesome two-track Ruby conference with an all-star presenter cast starting tomorrow (8/11) in Austin, Tx - The LoneStar RubyConf! This is @LSRC's fifth consecutive year so these guys really know how to throw a conference.

John Dyer will be onsite representing Tropo, the leading cloud and VoIP communications company. He will be running a hackathon for developing cool apps using either the Tropo Voice and SMS API or the Phono VoIP web phone or the SMSified API. Tropo will be giving away Production credits as well as a Parrot AR Drone (iPhone controlled quatra-copter)! Good luck everyone!

2011-08-10 00:38:27 UTC

Rubyology 96: Brian Hogan (Madison Ruby Conf)

Posted by @ChrisMatthieu

Chris Matthieu sat down with Brian P. Hogan to chat about his upcoming talk at the Madison Ruby Conference, 8/18/2011 - 8/20/2011.

Brian's talk is entitled, "Creating RubyGems from Scratch".

If you've ever looked into how to create Gems, you've probably seen a bunch of ways to do that. Project generators like Hoe, Jeweler, and the like offer some nice ways to get started, but they may often be overkill for many projects. If you're just starting out, why not learn to do it from scratch? In this talk, we'll create our own gem from scratch, using only things that are provided by Ruby, its standard library, and RubyGems to craft a simple gem. You'll learn how to set up a project, how to write and run tests, how to use Rake to quickly build the gem, and even how to create a gem that installs an executable command-line program.