2008-06-29 01:38:00 UTC

Rubyology 65: Rails Envy

Posted by @ChrisMatthieu

Chris Matthieu and Steven Bristol interview Gregg Pollack & Jason Seifer from RailsEnvy.com. This is a must hear behind the scenes show with some content but mostly humor. I tried to edit 8 VoIP recordings together to create something that was somewhat cohesive. Gregg and Jason are smart, funny, and quick guys - but many of the jokes had to be deleted. We appreciate their good humor and candidness. Check out http://railsenvy.com for current rails news.

2008-06-22 17:23:00 UTC

Rubyology 64: Ezra Zygmuntowicz

Posted by @ChrisMatthieu

Chris Matthieu and Steven Bristol interviewed Ezra Zygmuntowicz, the co-founder of Engine Yard! This 1 hour and 20 minute interview goes deep inside Ezra's mind. We covered his early programming days where he almost selected Python instead of Ruby but then came to his senses. We also discussed the early days of Engine Yard as well as the present infrastructure and the totally awesome new projects including: MERB, Rubinius, and Vertebra. Ezra is a really cool thought-leader in the Ruby/Rails community. Engine Yard is an incredibly innovative, business-class Rails hosting service with the ability to scale. My apologies in advance for some of the VoIP R2D2 experienced during this recording. The content is well worth it!

2008-06-12 01:06:00 UTC

Rubyology 63: New and Improved!

Posted by @ChrisMatthieu

Attention code monkeys: We've been hacked and there's no turning back. Steven Bristol from LessEverything.com has joined Chris Matthieu as co-host of the Rubyology Show. It's only appropriate that we interview the new monkey master before allowing him to interview others. In this episode we cover LessEverything's products and services, RailsConf 2008 favs, and dive deep on Rails 2.1, Mod Apache, and other surprises. Show links include: http://www.luclatulippe.com/ http://ruby.gemstone.com/ http://b.lesseverything.com/2008/6/9/converting-tzinfo-from-rails-2-0-to-2-1 Let us know what you think at: chris [at] rubyology.com (chrismatthieu on twitter) steve [at] lesseverything.com (stevenbristol on twitter)