2011-08-10 00:38:27 UTC

Rubyology 96: Brian Hogan (Madison Ruby Conf)

Posted by @ChrisMatthieu

Chris Matthieu sat down with Brian P. Hogan to chat about his upcoming talk at the Madison Ruby Conference, 8/18/2011 - 8/20/2011.

Brian's talk is entitled, "Creating RubyGems from Scratch".

If you've ever looked into how to create Gems, you've probably seen a bunch of ways to do that. Project generators like Hoe, Jeweler, and the like offer some nice ways to get started, but they may often be overkill for many projects. If you're just starting out, why not learn to do it from scratch? In this talk, we'll create our own gem from scratch, using only things that are provided by Ruby, its standard library, and RubyGems to craft a simple gem. You'll learn how to set up a project, how to write and run tests, how to use Rake to quickly build the gem, and even how to create a gem that installs an executable command-line program.