2009-10-31 12:01:00 UTC

Rubyology 84: Heroku Addons with Oren Teich

Posted by @ChrisMatthieu

Above is a link to our latest podcast, led by the one-and-only Chris Matthieu. You can grab this one as a direct download, though bear in mind streaming a raw mp3 without a decent broadband connection may take some time, so always give it time to buffer, as it's a shame to have it stop and start throughout playback. That being said, we think it's great to be able to offer visitors our audio ramblings on the site directly - sometimes, downloading a large mp3 isn't what you'd like on a Friday night after work is done for the week. So kick back, relax, hit stream, and enjoy. More details on the podcast are below!

@ChrisMatthieu interviews Oren @Teich of Heroku about their new add-on services that just launched on October 29th. These services are like an appstore for deployment options. Check out this fun interview to learn more about super simple cloud deployments!